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Alinga HogWild

Australian cattle dog is a breed which does not need much care of hair. Just basic brush and bath few times per year. They use to shed two times a year but when they do, it is horrible! Once they are shading, they will stop in point when you can see their skin. This is a serious problem when you have a show dog. Out of coat during the biggest shows is nothing you would want to.

With K1 our dogs look much better then before and also during the coat changing they are not so „naked“. We can enter the show ring for whole year without fear that our dogs would loose because of coat condition. They have much more hair then ever before and quality of skin, coat and also condition is really the best!

Thank you K1 for this possibility and for excellent health of our furkids!

"Carpathin Dingo" kennel

Alinga HogWild
C.I.B., Multi.GCH, BIS, BISS, JBISS, group placemens

CH.SK, HUSCH Next Sweet Candy Rusty Love

Chcem sa poďakovať za skvelú K1. Moja Lili ju má nasadenú celú sezónu a okrem iného ju zakončila ziskom BIS na klubovej výstave. Srsť má naozaj vo výnimočnej kondícii.Ďakujeme
Veronika Baloghova

BIS špeciálnej výstavy retrieverov - tu aj BOB, VŠV,CAC
3xBOS, 7x CAC, 2x CACIB, 4x Res.CACIB, 2x Res. CAC

Irish Setters from "Contario Ode" kennel

Our Irish Setter Kennel "Contario Ode" has been familiar with such a wonderful product like K1 for a long time.
This is an ideal remedy for restoring dry, damaged skin and coat after hunting or shedding season. A very noticeable effect is seen on bitches after puppybirth, when they are almost completely undressed. Usually we give K1 in a course and in a dosage slightly lower than indicated on the package and have an excellent result! With the help of K1 we have prepared the coat of many Champions and can confidently recommend this product.
Julia Belyakova,"Contario Ode" kennel 

CIE Champion Contario Ode Capella

3 month after pups with K1 help
JWW Contario Ode Picasso
2 month of using K1

Ch Contario Ode Caprice
Veterane female after 1 month of using K1

JRusCh Contario Ode Florence

After 1.5 month
Sheldon is 
2 х 1st in Special Working Class at CRUFTS 2017 & 2019
Champion of Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Baltia, Slovenia, Germany (VDH), Azerbaijan
Russian GR Club, Eurasia Winner 2019
Junior Champion of Russia and Russian GR Club
Breed Champion 2017, Best of Breed 2017 15хCACIB

""We use K1 vitamins already for two years during the period when dog has a season shedding.
It is a great hepler for fast coat recover! Coat becomes thicker, shiny and looks just amazing. It brings the result we all wanted to see!
Olga Agapova , Kennel "Lozung"


Neil is Luxembourg Champion ,Belgian junior champion,Luxembourg junior champion

Charlotte Godart ,kennel "Riverwood"    


After 1.5 month of using K1

Solipse Fantastico O.Muti
"Thanks K1 vitamins ,it helps keep the dogs in a great coat condition. Happy to present our new homebred World Winner'18,BOB and BOG3 Solipse Fantastico O.Muti"
 Janka Kadnarova kennel "Solipse"

Double Dream Loveset Go & Win
Winner is our own dog and you can see the progress of growing coat after the shaving and sport cut in end of 2016. 
We give vitamins by short sessions during the coat change and before the show season. Now his coat looks as never before and stay at the top condition with the help of vitamins and regular grooming. 



April 2017

August 2017

June 2018
"Secret of Angles"
"All dogs from our chihuahua kennel Secret of Angles use K1. It keeps their coat rich, healthy and shiny with good pigment. Our kennel highly recommends this great product "

Zuzana Szabova kenel "Secret of Angel"   


CH Bohemia Brilliant
CH Bohemia Brilliant
CW, CAC at EDS'17
Junior Champion Sk
Champion MT
Champion UA
Champion RS
Grand Champion RS
"Thanks to the fantastic velcote oil is my girl Emma again back in coat! I highly recommend it to all dogs with coats “ in between stage” like my Emma was. From starting using this oil in May’17 totally without coat my Emma was in August’17 again back in quality coat full of shine and health."
Angelique Plessis Bobrikova kennel "Magic Noblesse"

Abashiri Akai Endless Devotion

K1 is an amazing product. If you want to get your show dog into the right coat condition very quickly, this is the best choice you can make. It helped my dogs many times (especially in spring coat troubles when missing shine and condition because of shedding), highly recommend to everybody!

MVDr. M. Kučerová, Tosa Inu kennel Endless Devotion


Eshwar Sexy Fallcat

"Thanks to the K1 vitamins we have been able to bring our dogs back in coat just in time to bring some more new Champion titles....3 weeks of using these vitamins and the results were amazing."

Eshwar Sexy Fallcat
Grand Junior Champion MNE
Junior Champion of MNE
Junior Champion of BiH
Junior Champion of Balkan
Junior Champion of Adriatic
Junior Champion of Mediterranean

Owner : M. & M. Svecovi (Fallcat aussies)


BleuRoyal Chilli Shots

"Thanks to the K1 vitamins we have been able to bring our dogs back in coat just in time to bring some more new Champion titles....3 weeks of using these vitamins and the results were amazing."

BleuRoyal Chilli Shots
Champion of Bosna i Hercegovina
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Balkan
Champion of Adriatic
Champion of Mediterranean

Owner : M. & M. Svecovi (Fallcat aussies)


Austrian, Slovak and Slovenian Junior Champion, Austrian and Slowak Champion, CIE (Conf. pending) Europe winner FCI 2014, Austrian Bundessieger 2014, winner of Champion class WDS in Milano( 13 entries), Clubwinner ÖKEV 2015, Best of Day Oberwart 2015
" is in the last month brought in top condition thanks to the vitamins K1!
I started to use K1 few weeks before the WDS in Milan as I wanted Lawry to be in top condition and the result was visible after few days already. He won a strong champion class at the WDS and recently he won Best Of Day at Int show in Overwart. His coat continues to grow more and more thanks to K1!"

Owned by Elisabeth Preissl & Prof.Dr. Wagner
Photo done 23/08/2015

Photo done 11/07/2015

Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein
Freddy is 3 years old. He is JWW'13 and JBOG; WW'14 and BOG IV; EW'14 ,BOG and Best In Show III ; WW'15,BOG and Best In Show IV; IT INT CH; ResCC Cruft'15

"Since he is 10 months old he is receiving vitamins K1 to be prepared for the shows."

Breeder Michele Ivaldi
Handler Ludovica Salamon

JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2015 and shortlisted in the young group 5!

"Thank you to the vitamins K1 which have been able to put my dog in top condition for the World Show"

Owners: Valentina Sartor, Elisa Masutti, Emanuele Zanusso e Fabio Dall'Agnese
Breeder: Elena Voinkova